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One of the greatest deceptions plaguing the modern day church is organised religion which has more in common with the Pharisees and the Old Covenant than it does with the New Covenant church that Jesus Christ established.

The Pharisees thought that they were better than the world because they gathered in the temple however they were gathering in the outer court (a representation of the flesh in the modern day temple), calling themselves a servant but still living for the world unable to demonstrate a supernatural move of God. It pointed to the works of Christ and labeled it as 'of the devil'.

Revelation on the other hand reveals that the kingdom of God is truly at hand by demonstrating His presence.

Revelation pulls back the veil of our understanding and reveals God so that He can bring glory to Himself through an expression of His love and power.

The Pharisees didn’t mind that God was kept hidden; they could interpret Him and His word but could not demonstrate any real experience/encounter. When the fullness of God manifested on earth they were intimidated by it because they didn’t like the confrontation of God, instead they were more concerned with keeping the glory for themselves. The Pharisees were so holy in their own opinion yet never went out to preach the gospel/witness/have a powerful church. They were timid and scared and bowed down to a demonic system of government. Revelation understands that the very purpose of God being made manifest is to harvest souls, strengthen the kingdom and to give us the truth and boldness we need to resist evil.

Religion focuses on what happens within a particular building one/two days a week.

Revelation is not primarily concerned about what happens within a particular building. 

Revelation focuses on being led by God to the people that He wants to reach and being an open and willing vessel for Him to do what He wants to do to win a soul/strengthen a believer. 

Revelation understands that we gather to congregate however our primary commission as believers is to win souls and do the work of Christ. Revelation takes the church to the people and does Jesus everywhere, not just in one place once a week.


Religion stands in the outer court and is continuously concerned with doing the works of the flesh, rather than going in to meet with God face to face. Revelation is man moving towards God and is spiritually minded, concerned with doing the works of the Spirit as they let God flow out of their innermost being (the holy of holies).



Constantly quotes scripture and talks about God but rejects the works of the kingdom


Revelates the book and demonstrates the God of the Bible turning up and making Himself known

Worships the Bible

Worships the God of the Bible

Religion keeps God behind a veil

Revelation unveils God

Religion doesn’t want to go up to the mountain to speak to God but would rather congregate in the outer court hidden from God but still dwelling in His presence

Revelation seeks to go up to the mountain to stand before the Shekinah glory of God and be transfigured by His presence, coming out with overflow of power and revelation

Religion builds a facility and creates activities of service to that facility and calls it ‘service to God’

Revelation understands that the church are the people and therefore applies itself to the building of the body and the saving of the soul

Religion keeps God in a tabernacle

Revelation understands that we are the tabernacle

Religion says keep repenting from dead works

Revelation says stand before God so that He can set you on fire and burn up dead works by operating in power

Religion has a book with no life

Revelation says be the example of the book coming to life

Religion says you can’t hear God

Revelation says you must be able to hear God

Religion says church is a building

Revelation says church are the believers

Religion focuses on the 1st heaven

Revelation focuses on the 2nd and 3rd heaven

Religion merely shares a theological disposition

Revelation is a witness of the presence of the Spirit and demonstrates His power

Religion has no encounter with God

Revelation has an encounter with God

Religion can only quote scripture and tell you what God once did

Revelation hears what God wants to do in that moment and hears from Him regarding healing and what to obey

Religion makes demons comfortable and counsels them

Revelation exposes demons and makes them tremble, casting them out

Religion is carnally minded

Religion is spiritually minded

Religion still prays for God to come down

Revelation understands that God already did come down and is now in us

Religion says 'live heavenly'

Revelation says be so close to the Spirit that it inspires you to 'live heavenly'

"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."

JAMES 1:27


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